Specialized Eating Disorder Support Services

Developed from research, Rooted Recovery offers both online and in-person eating disorder support services tailored to your recovery needs. Through grocery shopping and cooking assistance, meal support,  recovery skills training and daily check-ins, Rooted Recovery clinicians work alongside your existing support system. When in need, Rooted Recovery also provides online and in-person eating disorder therapy and nutrition counseling.  

Check out our services below! 


Online And in-person meal support with trained clinicians

Eating disorder specialized clinicians provide low-cost meal coaching. Whether you’re at school, home, or work, our coaches meet with you before, during, and/or after your meals so that you can cultivate a stronger recovery. Rooted Recovery meal coaches work alongside your existing treatment team.

We believe that cost should not be a barrier to receiving support. Meal Support is $30.00.


evidence-based clinical recovery coaching

As the only eating disorder recovery coaching service developed from empirical research, Rooted Recovery is committed to providing clinical coaching that improves recovery outcomes. Our specialists work alongside existing treatment so that you receive additional support, when and where you need it most.

We believe that cost should not be a barrier to receiving support. Clinical Recovery Coaching is $30.00.


Online peer support group led by a specialist

Join our clinician-led peer support group; it is a safe place to connect, share, and receive encouragement and accountability. This is a recovery focused peer support group.

This is an open group; however in order to participate you must register 24 hours in advance. This group is $10.00. 


ONLINE SUPPORT GROUP: Recovery in Action

This online support group focuses on making weekly recovery goals while learning the skills and receiving the support needed to meet those goals. You will gain confidence in yourself and in your recovery. 

This group will be starting again in January, 2018. 

This 50 minute group meets for six weeks and is $25.00 per group. 


ONLINE SUPPORT GROUP:                          Mindful and intuitive eating 

With the support of a non-judgmental and compassionate group, participants will explore their relationship with themselves, food, and others. The Mindful and Intuitive Eating Group combines key concepts and skills from Intuitive Eating, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Acceptance Commitment Therapy. 

This group is currently running. Stay tuned to register for the next group. 

This 75 minute group runs for 8 weeks, and is $30.00 per group.