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Rooted in a mission 

Rooted Recovery is on a mission to provide affordable and accessible eating disorder treatment to anyone, anytime, anywhere. We are determined to uproot the inequities and barriers that prevent people from receiving specialized support, and cultivating recovery. 

When surrounded by a compassionate, knowledgable, and supportive community, recovery is possible. Rooted Recovery is committed to helping each person- regardless of age, race, gender, income, or any other common barrier to receiving treatment- grow their community of support. 

Rooted Recovery...


joins communities

Rooted Recovery joins communities by working alongside existing forms of treatment. We work closely with providers, and help to translate the work done in sessions to life outside.                  

community joining   services

  • Research-Based Recovery Coaching
  • Meal & Grocery Shopping Assistance  
  • Online Support Groups  
  • School Specific Support

creates communities

Rooted Recovery creates support communities  for people who otherwise - due to cost, gender, and geographic barriers - would not have access to specialized eating disorder treatment. 

Community creating services

  • Online & In-PersonTherapy
  • Online & In-Person Nutrition Support
  • Online Case Management Services
  • Online Psychoeducation Groups